Unbiased Evatac Pro-XML Tactical Flashlight Review


Tactical flashlights are needed not only for experts in fields like the military but also for anyone at home and outdoors. Thanks to the advancement in technology, these devices are becoming better and better with every passing year.

When looking for one, you need a high-quality flashlight that does more than just provide light. Modern tactical torches can illuminate objects from hundreds of feet away, signal for help in case of emergencies, and act as self-defense weapons.

The question is, where can I get that flashlight?

Well, we bumped into the Evatac Pro-XML tactical flashlight that offers excellent illumination to meet all your needs with a variety of functions. Read on this review to discover why it’s one of the best options for hikers, campers, and every household.

What is Evatac Pro XML tactical flashlight?


This is a revolutionary flashlight with superb brightness and famous for its blinding bright light. It’s lightweight, featuring a sturdy aluminum coating to make your trips in the woods feel safer. The aircraft-grade aluminum also makes it extremely durable.

It’s made by the American Gunner brand, which is an exciting upcoming brand famous for manufacturing innovative and compact flashlights. The flashlight works with two lithium batteries while you can choose between 5 modes of brightness.

Evatac Pro XML features

  • Modern emitter
    This flashlight boasts an XMLU2 LED, which emits blinding bright light that could cover a large area when hiking. It emits 1200 lumens which is impressive. It’s considered as the highest performance white lighting-class LED among similar flashlights.
  • Strong body
    Pro-XML features sturdy aluminum construction that makes it light and comfortable to hold when using it. Its solid construction means it won’t break even if it drops high on a hard surface.
  • Five preset modes
    The Evatac Pro XML comes with five functions, including Full, Half, Low, Strobe, and SOS modes. When you need the brightest illumination, then the high option is the best. If you need attention-seeking light effects, e.g., when you are trying to distract, you can opt for SOS and Strobe lights.

Pros and cons of
Evatac Pro XML



  • It’s durable featuring an aluminum casing
  • Bright enough to blind someone
  • Offers useful preset modes to suit your needs
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Features a rugged design for a comfortable grip 


  • Only available for purchase online
  • We found it to be comparatively longer than other flashlights making it less portable

Where to buy and price

Usually, the Evatac Pro XML tactical flashlight is sold online for $189 each. But we’ve convinced American Gunner to give our readers an exclusive offer. So for today, you can get it at 82% off the usual price. This is such a golden offer for anyone who has been looking for a quality flashlight at a lower budget.

Better yet, you can still get more discounts if you buy more than one. Here are the available deals to choose from:

They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the product for any valid reason. However, most Evatac Pro XML reviews show that users were left satisfied.

Verdict: Is it worth it?

Overall, the flashlight offers a great design and unique features to meet your brightness needs. Whether you need a good flashlight for hiking or everyday activities, the Evatac Pro XML is an excellent pick.

Grab your offer now and light up your life!

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