Tc1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight Reviews – Reasons To Add This Torch To Your Gear


Your phone may have a bright flashlight but it’s surely not enough to cover all possible situations. It’s small and wide but will only illuminate the area around your feet and a few yards in front. Besides, we have all been to this situation in the middle of nowhere and the power went out, and all we did was fumble around to see if we can see around.

When putting together the gear you need for survival, work, or camping, having a good flashlight is a wise thought. A tactical flashlight lets you go up and down outside without worrying about tipping your feet. It also gives you confidence in your surroundings.

Today, we bring to your attention an excellent flashlight known as Tc1200 Pro. We love that it provides twenty five times more brightness than what you’d get in a majority of flashlights on the market.

It could be a great addition to your survival gear or even the kid’s bedroom and other rooms in your home. We compiled one of the most comprehensive Tc1200 Pro tactical flashlight reviews to help you find out everything there is to know about this popular torch. We show you why it’s such a steal for a flashlight right now.

What is a TC1200 Pro
tactical flashlight?

This is a high-quality tactical flashlight made by 1tac, one of the most reliable tactical flashlight manufacturers today. The company claims that the flashlight is waterproof and 25X brighter than standard torches.

The Tc1200 Pro is also tough for use outdoors and compact enough for storage. You can use it in many situations such as camping or extreme sports like caving or climbing. It can even serve as backup light in your vehicle.

1Tac also made this torch incredibly sturdy by using military-grade aluminum. This makes it a great fit for hunters, woodworkers, law enforcers, and other hobbyists. It’s a compact light that you could keep in your coat or clip on a belt when walking your dog in the evening.

Key features of
1Tac Tc1200 Pro

  • Five light modes
    The flashlight offers five levels of light, including High, Medium, Low, SOS, and Strobe modes. The five modes are easy to switch through in any situation because you simply press the tactical switch at the bottom to turn it on and then cycle through the modes depending on the situation at hand.

    For example, the High mode is suitable when you need enough brightness to see hundreds of feet in front of you. The SOS mode sends three long dashes followed by three short dashes and three more long dashes to signal anyone that you need help. And if you want to sneak away from the tent without waking anyone, you can opt for the low mode.
  • Zoom functions
    You can now focus on things far away because this flashlight has multiple zoom functions. You can zoom from about 1x to about 2000 times to see objects, animals, and people clearly from a distance. The lens is scratchproof to maintain the performance for a long time.
  • 1200 Lumen LED bulb
    The 1Tac Tc1200 Pro boasts a 1200-lumen bulb that’s powerful and blinding bright. It’s powered by a rechargeable 1-18650 battery or three AAA cells. It LED bulb can last up to 100,000 hours before needing a replacement.

Tc1200 Pro tactical flashlight reviews:
pros and cons


  • The torch has a lightweight and compact design to allow for easy storage and portability
  • It offers five different modes to suit a variety of situations
  • Tc1200 Pro is made of durable aluminum and waterproof
  • Simple to use thanks to an easy-to-reach switch at the bottom part
  • Gives you up to 1200 lumens of light
  • Affordable price with numerous accessories


  • It may not last as long with AAA batteries
  • You can only find the flashlight online

Where to buy and price

The easiest place to buy the Tc1200 Pro is at the official 1Tac website. The brand provides you with unbeatable deals especially if you choose to buy several flashlights.

Check out the pricing below for the best available deals:

As you can see, the last bundle offers the best bang for the buck because you get an additional flashlight when you buy five. But that’s not all! You also get free shipping with 1Tac promising to send your package within five days. Still, you can pay extra to get it within two days.


Verdict: is Tc1200 Pro worth it?

Absolutely! This flashlight can help you get around obstacles on your way and see attackers from a distance. Simply flashing the light into a person’s or animal’s direction can scare them away, thanks to its blinding light. Better yet, the Tc1200 Pro is made using durable aluminum that will keep working for years.

Buy yours today and get up to a 75% discount.

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