Tc1200 flashlight for self-defense – should you buy it


Every once in a while, we wake up to total darkness when there is an unexpected power blackout. It may take you a significant moment to fumble as you try to locate a matchbox and the candles to light up your room. This is where a good tactical flashlight comes in handy.

Besides acting as a quick source of lighting, it can also serve as a reliable self-defense tool in your daily maneuvers in the dark corridors and paths.

 The 1Tac Tc1200 flashlight for self-defense is an incredible addition to your survival gear that you can use during night camping, hiking, navigating poorly lit streets, corridors, and in situations where you may need to protect yourself from an intruder. Other brands continue to flood the market with low-quality flashlights, but 1Tac Tc1200 is not your ordinary flashlight.

In this quick guide, we take a closer look at some of the key features of Tc1200 and what sets it apart from other tactical flashlights in the market.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in!

What is a TC1200 flashlight
for self-defense?

The 1Tac TC1200 is a compact and super bright tactical flashlight used for micro lighting purposes. It’s also a top-notch self-defense tool. It has a durable aircraft-grade build with a brightness strong enough to cause temporal eyesight loss to an attacker.

The torch comes with a utility clip that makes it easier to clip on the belt and carry around hands-free. It also features a magnetic base that can attach itself to your car or the workbench in the garage to allow you to work with both hands. The flashlight integrates various unique features that make it one of the best tactical flashlights on the market right now.

The TC1200 package comes with the tactical flashlight, one rechargeable battery, one AAA battery holder, car charger, wall charger, a holster, and a tactical storage case.

Key features of the TC1200 tactical flashlight

  • Rechargeable flashlight Unlike most tactical flashlight manufacturers, 1Tac doesn’t cut corners when it comes to their products. This is why they use the pricier but more reliable Li-ion rechargeable batteries to power their flashlight. Typically, these batteries can be recharged and reused up to 500 times which means more savings for you in the long run. But that’s not all, rechargeable batteries also offer higher performance compared to their standard alkaline counterparts.
  • Cree LED emitters The flashlight is powered by Cree Led emitters, the most powerful single LED ever designed. These emitters produce a blinding 1200-lumen beam that can cause temporary disorientation. It also has the power to illuminate up to a radius of 12 miles. To put this into perspective, this is 25 times brighter than what you get with ordinary flashlights.The 1200 lumen bulb offers consistent brightness and has a long shelf life of about 100,000 hours before it needs replacement. The flashlight also has a digitally regulated power output that ensures maximum brightness.
  • Five lighting modes The manufacturers of TC1200 put into consideration that you will not need the same brightness at all times. That is why they provided a variety of different lighting modes that enable you to adapt to changes in your immediate surroundings. The flashlight offers five modes including, high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe.
  • Lithium-ion batteries The flashlight is powered either by three pieces of AAA batteries or one rechargeable 1850 lithium-ion battery, both of which are quality with prolonged life usage. However, AAA batteries may need to be replaced more regularly to ensure maximum effectiveness of the flashlight.

Pros and cons of this tactical flashlight for self-defense


  • Waterproof casing makes it a perfect suit for use in wet situations and weather
  • The torch is made from military-grade aviation aluminum alloy hence very tough and durable
  • Its 1200-lumen LED light can produce a blinding effect
  • The lamp can last more than 100,000 hours thanks to its durable rechargeable batteries
  • The small compact design makes the lamp portable and easy to store
  • Lightweight since it only weighs between five and seven ounces
  • The zooming feature allows you to adjust and reach up to 2 nautical miles
  • The anti-slip resistant body design ensures a tight grip
  • Specially designed to protect against overheating on the surface.


  • Tc1200 is only available online
  • It’s more expensive than most flashlights but worth it

Where to buy and price

Unfortunately, the TC1200 flashlight is not stocked by local stores. You can only buy it from the official website of its manufacturer, 1Tac and a few other online stores like Amazon.

On price, there are four bundle deals to choose from as follows:

Verdict: is 1Tac Tc1200 tactical flashlight for self-defense worth it?

Whether you are looking for a durable flashlight for camping, a two-in-one self-defense tool, hiking, or for micro lighting purposes at home, the TC1200 tactical flashlight has got you covered. You will love that it comes with an iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee. This means you can return the torch to 1Tac and get refunded in full if it does not meet the expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your TC1200 tactical flashlight before prices shoot again!

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