Shockwave Torch For Self Defense – Why You Need This Tactical Flashlight Now

8000 Lumen Light
4.5 Million Stun Gun
Built-In Safety
Powerful Self Defense!

Cases of attacks and assaults are on the rise with news everyday about people being hit, attacked, raped, and even murdered at times. For some of us, we’ve had it first hand, or it has happened to someone close to us. Yet we had no way of stopping or protecting ourselves from one or two bad guys.

To make matters worse, these things are often executed at night in utter darkness in the streets, corridors, and sometimes in residences. And while the government claims to try it’s very best to keep us safe, we also have a duty to ensure we stay prepared should we find ourselves faced by an enemy.

You are not allowed to carry a gun with the recent introduction of tough gun laws. But worry no more because there’s an effective way to stop assaulters.

With the new Shockwave torch for self-defense you can rest easy knowing you’re well prepared should any danger arise. This tool has a stun gun that blinds and paralyzes the attacker. This gives you a good chance to hit them, run or ask for help.

Is it something you could need?

Read the key features that make the Shockwave Flashlight unique and arguably the best tactical tool for your self-defense needs.

What is a Shockwave torch
for self-defense?


The Shockwave Torch is a specially designed flashlight that doubles up as a torch and an outstanding tactical and a self-defense weapon. This unique flashlight was created with the goal of lighting up dark areas and also a tool you can use to protect and defend yourself from attackers.

Key features of a shockwave torch

  • Blinding Light
    This flashlight is designed with a special LED light with almost 100 times more light than ordinary bulbs. When flashed directly towards an attacker, the ultra-bright light is capable of blinding or causing temporal sight loss to the assailant at night. For this reason, you are cautioned to avoid shining the light to yourself or even animals as it can hurt them.
  • Stun Gun
    An incredible feature of the Shockwave torch is the stun gun that has the power to paralyze attackers instantly. All you need to do is unlock it and slightly press the flashlight on the attacker, with just a touch of a finger to put them down. However, the stung gun weapon can be lethal so you should be very careful when handling it. Indeed, we recommend using it as a last resort.
  • Sharp Bezel
    The Shockwave torch for self-defense has a sharp bezel with tooth like edges on both sides of the flashlight. The bezel is sharp enough to cut open into flesh and crush strong bones of your attacker. Upon an impending attack you can target their head or any other sensitive part of their body.
  • Lightweight and portable build
    The flashlight is made of aluminum, weighing just 4 ounces and measuring 6.55 inches by 1.5 inches. This makes it very easy and convenient to carry it around in your side your purse or bag, car, or even in your pocket.
  • Easy to use
    The features are quite straightforward, easy to master and use. Changing from one functionality to the other involves simple and responsive switches. The deliberate distribution of the buttons makes it easy and comfortable to grip and access the switches even in the state of terror.Each button is also accurately labeled according to its purpose to guide you. With a little practice at home, you can learn how to activate different functionalities while still pointing towards your target.

Pros and cons of this military-grade flashlight


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around in a purse or pocket
  • Quite affordable compared to other lumps with similar specs
  • Strongly built with super-light strong aluminum thus very durable
  • Specially fitted with a specific type of LED that makes it super bright
  • Fitted with wrist loop where you can hand it on your wrist for easy and quick access
  • The bulb lasts more than 100,000hrs thereby making it very reliable for long term use


  • You must be very careful when handling the torch to avoid hurting yourself with the light

Verdict: Is it worth it?

The Shockwave torch for self-defense is a high-quality flashlight that could light up those dark areas for you, and a weapon you can use to delay an attacker. It’s lightweight and compact than most flashlights and the price is a steal if you ask us. Its aluminum build is light and sturdy and the bulb will last for years.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab this reliable flashlight and walk confidently knowing you can defend yourself and your loved ones.

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